Few cultural artifacts have been as distorted and misrepresentated as the Tarot. Tarot cards were first created for playing a card game and the fortune telling excercises evolved much later. There is no evidence that Tarot cards were created for any other purpose than for playing a card game. In France, Tarot is played as a classic card game where it has been called the Chess of card games. This is a demonstration of the modern French game using the Tarobot program. www.techniv.com In the French game it is common to use a modern looking deck with the suit signs of hearts, spades, diamonds, and clubs. The modern court cards are double figured and the trumps display scenes quite different from fortune telling decks. ipcs.org Links below for further information: oudler.livejournal.com www.tarock.net www.shogix.net www.angelfire.com www.pagat.com www.boardgamegeek.com www.ludiclub.com www.tarotux.org Tarot cards were intended for card games! Be a part of the Tarot revolution. Join the forum of the United States Tarot Association games.groups.yahoo.com (English Español Français)

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  • MoOnydontcry dit :

    can someone help me get into this?

  • Oudler dit :

    I have found the best way is to use the numerous tarot programes on the internet. I’ve posted links to them on the sidebar. In this video Ive used Tarobot.The program is only available in French. For English speakers TaroTux is one programe I would recommend.

  • tarotdotcomsucks dit :

    Greetings from the Ronald McDonald Brigade!
    I have linked to your video!!

  • Oudler dit :

    The association of Tarot cards with the occult did not begin until the 18th century. The association of Tarot cards with Ronald McDonald did not begin until the 21st!

  • fackuff dit :

    However…Thank you for the resources, and trying to bring the game into public view

  • Oudler dit :


  • gluten426 dit :

    this game somewhat reminds me of uker. thanks for sharing the instructions!

  • CKYer101 dit :

    no way this guys voice is relaxing kinda like bob ross

  • JulliTarfur dit :

    is this Windows 93 or something o.o

  • Oudler dit :

    Well, I’m still working with Win 98. The Tarobot program depicted will work on the later versions of Windows

  • DarbyRangers dit :

    Another Tarot software is Expertif (freeware). It can give you advice at every step: What to bid, which 6 to discard to the Chien, and which card to play on the tricks.

    Learning is just a matter of watching Expertif play your hand and pretty soon without studying you are ready to go online against real humans. Expertif will set up that for you as well!

  • Eglantinus dit :

    Hi everybody,

    Nice video but strange play 🙂

    I’m french

    Tarot needs advertising. So Good job !

  • sussie441 dit :

    Tarot is a con – it’s fake –

  • Oudler dit :

    @sussie441 You must be talking about divinatory Tarot or Tarot reading. The subject in this video is a different kind of Tarot; It is an actual card game popular in France but not as well known in countries like the US and the UK. Tarot cards were actually intended for playing games and not fortune telling. Google « French Tarot » or « Jeu de Tarot » for examples of using Tarot for game playing.

  • Chirno9Icefall dit :

    @sussie441 Tarot game playing is not a con and is completely real! I am a card game player who plays the Games of Tarot, and understands the history.

  • sandlewood99 dit :

    That program you’re useing can i download it?

  • Oudler dit :

    @sandlewood99 Yes. It’s a free download. See the video description for download link

  • sandlewood99 dit :

    @Oudler Thanks i got a set of these cards for Christmas but had no idea how to play them

  • Oudler dit :

    @sandlewood99 Yes, they do make great holiday and birthday gifts. I’ve given several such decks to friends and co-workers.

  • DRDNIBOY dit :

    But NOW its is used for OTHER purposes. Tarot like most things are what YOU make it. So FOR YOU its a game. For other its a tool.

  • Oudler dit :

    @DRDNIBOY NOW it is STILL used for a game. This video presents a MODERN Tarot game as commonly played in France. You should broaden your cultural horizons a bit and recognize that Tarot cards are still used for games in other countries. While it might be a divinatory tool for most English and Spanish speakers, the GAME of Tarot never really died. Yes! Tarot is still a game! The divinatory Tarot is NOT the only form of Tarot in the world today.

  • DRDNIBOY dit :

    @Oudler I agree with you. But I dont agree with people who say that Tarot is JUST a game. But yes tarot is a game as-well.

  • Oudler dit :

    @DRDNIBOY When Tarot players say that Tarot is a game, they don’t say that it’s JUST a game and it doesn’t mean that Tarot reading is a game. On logical grounds, I wouldn’t say Tarot reading is really a game because it’s not in most conventional senses of the word « game. »

  • piqueret dit :

    dude, your microphone work is terrible

  • Oudler dit :

    @piqueret This is one of my first videos here so yes my mike skills were not as good as I’d like them to be and plus I was playing a game while doing the talking which presented another challenge.

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