Tarot – Traitor

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  • CultOfMetal dit :

    Young dudes wanna stay ‘cutting edge’ with todays metal, always looking for newer, heavier stuff. Fine, but learn your roots. They are what influenced the best bands of today. And your right about non-metal influences, look at Northern Kings, a metal supergroup that only does covers of A-Ha, Seal, Lionel Richie, Michael Jackson, & other pop artists that do make good music. Theres good to be found in all genres, friend.

  • barrry9 dit :

    Well – I’m the bass player in my band and we’re a « power » metal band and the bassline I wrote for one song is very funk/reggae influenced lol

    The ignorance of other 20-odd year olds drives me nuts – they scoff and look down their noses at like blues music yet like Iron Maiden who have 3 guitarists whose playing is very influenced by…oh – BLUES :p

  • jonnisko dit :

    This is Metal of God’s /,,/

  • gabukabu dit :

    😀 amazing 😀

  • Boss6005 dit :

    Hunred lashes coming my way. Aww Shit that hurts!! 😀

  • Samjbow dit :

    @barrry9 Also, metal fans tend to have an slight affinity for classical music, hence bands such as Nightwish that combine entire orchestras with metal vocals and heavily distorted guitar.

  • tboi3000 dit :

    ahh, sounds like good old classic heavy metal! Damn finnish bands rule!

  • Golegator dit :

    This was hardcore yesterday, they performed at Sauna open air. It was so awesome, even when it rained, it’s not a problem! Last song they played was my favourite —– Traitor 😉

  • Empir37 dit :

    Marco Hietala!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Krakherren dit :

    How is it that the best bands come from Finland!

  • ZiomolekOSW dit :

    @coladoleon men not only Nightwish Bassist! but OK

  • 981407036x dit :

    @coladoleon Acctually Emppu Vuorinen (Nightwish Guitarist) provided the solo for this song as well

  • tr4y4n94 dit :

    Marco rock’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GothicGodlessLiberal dit :

    This has to be the greatest guitar solo of all time…

  • MegaDragonforce1 dit :

    what other metal bands are from Finland?

  • dark18dean18jasper dit :

    @MegaDragonforce1 sonata arctica, Kotiteollisuus, northern kings(they do really good covers)

  • lourse132 dit :

    Finland has mastered metal, they are the kings!

  • Jompo92 dit :

    @MegaDragonforce1 well what comes to mind at the moment, diablo, ensiferum and norther, poisonblack, velcra and many others

  • Kittamiau dit :

    Finland FTW

  • mati22nba dit :

    excuse me my english in not very good…
    all you are talking about of the incredible level of the finnish bands…
    did you listen any band of argentinian?
    ok, in another type of metal, but it’s great!
    i’m argentinian, and the metal scene here is very good! and the metalheads don’t see the metal like music, they see the metal like a feeling!
    c’mon! try to listen something from argentina!
    try whit:
    Malon – Hipotecado
    look that video and see the people! they are totally crazy for the show, chekout

  • matotuHELL dit :

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  • blearghp dit :

    @Krakherren cause they just!

  • Nightwisher87 dit :

    Finland is the land of METAL!

  • nintendork4 dit :

    The 6 dislikes are traitors to their species and wallow in their feces.

  • dartzu dit :

    The drums are amazing! Tarot for eternity!

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