This is the video of the song pyre of god by Tarot. Good video and Marco is hot as hell :p

25 réponses à Tarot: Pyre of Gods

  • cloudednox dit :

    @krazyace66 Yeah, unfortunately.

  • cloudednox dit :

    @MegaWokwok Yeah, I’m noticing XD

  • Aefroi dit :

    GREEEAT – I like Marco ! – Marco from Nightwish and Northern Kings

  • smith230 dit :

    how many bands is this dude in

  • 6Rotting6Sixes6 dit :

    I love his voice…!!

  • game4ce dit :

    @6Rotting6Sixes6 And I love his beard…!!!

  • MorganAQP dit :

    the guitarrist is not from nightwish?

  • aliveandkickingohyea dit :

    @MorganAQP Marco Hietala plays bass in Nightwish too. Tarot’s guitarist is his big brother Zachary Hietala.

  • Zactra73 dit :

    Why are finnish people so sexy?

  • rolo6rolo dit :

    i’m jealous of there hair 😛 I love this song!! \m/

  • WizArtemisos dit :

    \m/ >_< \m/ Go Marco!

  • gorgerak dit :

    All gods want, All gods need, Their sacrifice this must be. All gods bleed, All gods die, All gods must PAY!!!!!!!!

    so true 🙂

  • mang59 dit :

    Uskomaton ääni !
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  • matotuHELL dit :

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  • MegaWokwok dit :

    @gorgerak I myself am religious, but try to ignore the lyrics and listen to how good the song sounds all up.

  • gorgerak dit :

    @MegaWokwok what a credit you are to your religion 😛

  • senorterio dit :

    Can’t get enough of that awesome beard.

  • SevTheDJ dit :

    Fuckin Vikings gotta love them xD

  • MegaWokwok dit :

    @gorgerak wat do you mean?

  • gcysne dit :

    Cool. I belive this guy is carrying nightwish on his back.

  • gorgerak dit :

    @MegaWokwok the whole song is built around a structure, the structure of this song being atheist in nature, you cant say i love the song but dont agree with the lyrics – songs arent written without reference to whats being sung or u cud put any song to any piece of music no matter what.

    What im saying by typing that « what a credit to your religion you are » is that you’re not upholding the views and beliefs of your religion if you enjoy a song that violates those views and beliefs so openly.

  • bodomita dit :

    @MegaWokwok Just a word, my friend: There is no Sam Harris in Iron Maiden. His name is STEVE HARRIS. You should learn that if you wanna talk about Metal with other people. You have no credibility.

    BTW, Nightwish isn’t a good band just because Harris owns every single Nightwish album, He’s not a god…

  • MegaWokwok dit :

    @bodomita who cares about his name, I personally don’t listen to Iron Maiden, but it is pretty stupid to say nightwish is crap and iron maiden is awesome if the bass player is a full on fan of the band.

  • MegaWokwok dit :

    @gorgerak I get what you mean, but personally I LOVE metal but also pay respect to my religion. Yes, I know that it is an athiest song and I respect all of tarot’s structures, but I also believe that regardless of religion, I can’t help what music I like and don’t like. I wouldn’t give a care if he was seing about bunny rabbits and flowers, I still like the way the lyrics and the music and combined to make the song, I don’t really care about what song’s mean anymore, that’s metal, I just say.

  • cody316wwe dit :

    When marco started singing my eyes popped out of my face! this is incredible!!

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