Again, no time to actually make a video, but this great song deserves to be heard. Blinded in the land of the one-eyed. Took a walk the day I died. I’m a dream in a clutch of nightmares, a coward who dares. Afloat in the dirt underground, the singer and the sound. I’m the voice and the word, the prayer. Suffocated by air. They told me fire would burn, but it doesn’t matter anymore. The wound in my back, the best place for your knife to turn. But now I know it’s PAINLESS. Pushing through the rock of future. Still drowning in the past. The mighty icon of stubbornes. The iconoclast. All skin and bones. The flesh is just dead. I, I, I, I grow fat with hatred. I know pressure will blow. Don’t get caught in the blast. From the dark into the black. Throwbacks always have to go. But now I know it’s PAINLESS.

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