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  • xGothicBootsx dit :

    I need this DVD sooooo much it’s not funny.

  • xGothicBootsx dit :

    I need this DVD sooooo much it’s not funny.

  • Negral111 dit :

    If they will not sell this dvd before holidays, i am going to kill myself! XD

  • UDO dit :

    June 11

  • ironstar82 dit :

    undead indeed!!!!!!! soon coming!!!!!!!!!!
    i´we wait this so long!!!!!!!
    parhautta perkele

  • Elperdiz dit :

    Today at last the DVD is released in Finland. I hope it to come soon to Spain. Greetings to all Tarot fans, today is our day.

  • SEVIL999 dit :

    Tarot is alomost as good as Nightwish:) and thats means that they are one of the best

  • Tuohii dit :

    It IS better, way much better. Not saying that Nightwish sucks or anything. I just don’t like that new solist.

  • TorchedIce dit :

    Are they gonna release this in the U.S. anytime soon? I’ve been uber psyched ever since i heard of a Tarot live dvd. I saw that it was released in Finland, but i can’t find any release date for the U.S. let alone any other country.

  • nightwish568 dit :

    lolz the only thing nightwish and tarot has in common is Marco Hietala in other ways they are totaly differend bands (tarot aren’t as symphonick as nightwish)

    please don’t pay attention at the mistakes I made I don’t sepak very goos English

  • zaff666 dit :

    Not anytime soon in the U.S. soil. Your best bet is to order the 2DVD version from The Rot Shop as an import to U.S. (the url to Rot Shop can be seen at the INFO section of this video up right)

  • TorchedIce dit :

    Yea, unfortunately the cost of importing is way to high. Especially where the US dollar is.

  • zaff666 dit :

    2.40 EUR is too much (totalling to around 25euros)? and you’ve been psyched to get this? 🙂

  • TorchedIce dit :

    22.90 Euros = 35.61179 U.S. dollars (from the Rott shop), and that’s without shipping. so… Unfortunately I can’t really justify that price.

  • zaff666 dit :

    Ah allrighty, maybe this currency difference thing is fucking me up here. As 25 euros really isn’t a big money here, especially with shipping costs included.

  • intoahotspot dit :

    Do anyone know when Undead Indeed is going to be released in greece?

  • nighthorseman85 dit :

    Can somebody tell me a reason why Tarot is not as popular as E.G. Nightwish? I just dont understand why they are so behind in popularity. Their music is great, very profressional and Marco is not the kind of singer you can find everywhere. Actually, his voice is unique and some people should really take example from him on how to sing heavy metal.

  • 227833466 dit :

    marco’s voice seems to be purposefully created for a fantasy movie or some kind of lengend; it’s the best ever and the balance between the might and melodic shape, gives the essence of real music.

  • NutsMovies dit :

    You’re totally right.

  • Mantelmann2000 dit :

    They lack tits.

  • nighthorseman85 dit :

    LMAO!!! wow!! How come I have never thought of that. Brilliant! :)))))))

  • PerYngveOhlin666 dit :

    AGREED!! Marco would find a way to pull them off, though.

  • Tuscopa dit :


  • Chiara2703 dit :

    Yeah, true… but still they have much more sex appeal than some silicone barbies, so where´s the bug?!

  • IronMammoth1993 dit :

    @TorchedIce I thought it was already released in the US, I bought this at a week after it came out here in a Colorado music store so I thought it just released world wide on the same day. I love Tarot’s music and told Marco when I saw him here with Nightwish that he needs to come back with Tarot!

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