Band « Tarot »‘s song « I’m Here ». Singer is Nightwish’s Marco Hietala.

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  • Wint3rHeart dit :

    No, stupid. He didn’t quit. But that doesn’t mean he belongs to Nightwish.

    And no, I wouldn’t bitch if they said he belonged to Tarot on a Nightwish video because if someone said that it’d be true.

    Nice try though.

  • TheBanyanEmperor dit :

    How does he not belong to Nightwish?

    And by bitching about one, and not the other, you put a double standard on your own philosophy, because the situations are structurally identical.

    I think your problem here is that you, for some reason think that a musician can only belong to one group at a time.

  • Monrosefreak91094 dit :

    the Evanescencescript on a Tarot video…?
    anyway, good song.

  • cool908 dit :

    You don’t quit Nightwish, Nightwish quits you!!

  • asherasator dit :

    No back in the day, especially when this band started it was just « Heavy Metal », remember that word? Not « metal » or « this metal » or « that metal »: « Black metal, Death metal, Death-Core, Grind-Core, Cheese-Corn » or whatever, who the hell came up with these stupid fuqing descriptions? All the trivial labels ruin music & complicate things, it used to be so simple; « HEAVY METAL »

  • Xerxes1121 dit :

    Right On!

  • Kohlefresse dit :

    somehow you are right… look at tarja^^

  • urpeliini666 dit :

    Marco is firstly from Tarot. It has been doing music from somewhere of the 80’s..
    Nightwish has been founded in 1996. So NW is Marco’s side project.

  • AjaxAmsterdam34 dit :

    Death Metal is distinctly different from all other forms of metal… lyrically, vocally and in terms of the song structure

  • DalrogKillians dit :

    Marco is also in the Northern Kings Band.

  • Sesshounamaru7 dit :

    even when you’re 100% right about how all the starting bands fit in the same line in « Heavy Metal » or just metal. Dont forgeth there are some bands out there who are/sound pretty much like the old/good ones… like Gama Bomb

  • noewonso dit :

    Marco is in 4 bands ( i know those).

    Nightwing, Tarot, Northern Kings and Sapattivuosi (black sabbath finnish cover band)

  • ankflickaxd dit :

    which people was in black sabbath ?

  • kyogreowns dit :


    Ermmm.. I believe you are confused. Tarot came BEFORE Nightwish. Therefore Marco is from Tarot, not Nightwish. He IS in Nightwish, but he was in Tarot first.

    It is not a double standard, due to my first statement.

    Lol, assumptions. Of course a musician can belong to two groups. This scenario is like, for random name, Jimmy Page started playing for a different band. He would be introduced as « Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page », not « (Other band)’s Jimmy Page ».

  • 1teigan dit :

    Yep its true, Marco is a metal god.. and a genius at that. A fantastic musician, do i need to say anymore. His music pretty much sums up how Awesome he is!

  • 666tedac666 dit :

    Anette still sux…

  • buslady dit :

    Ah no…singer is TAROT’s Marco…Tarot was first, HIS band…NW just pays the bills…

  • buslady dit :

    @noewonso Don’t forget Delain, but I think he’s done with that for now.

  • buslady dit :

    @Wint3rHeart Zac doesnt sing anymore…Marco sings with Tommi 😛

  • GatzTdaMax dit :


  • METALLIUN1 dit :


  • 999CorpseBride999 dit :

    but anette sucks
    Marco rules!!!

  • NightwishObsessed dit :

    @ankflickaxd Tarot’s too good for Black Sabbath.

  • matotuHELL dit :

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  • 808thampire dit :

    MAN! what happened to Marco… went from a Gothic Metal star to a biker bad guy type singer!

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