GREAT BAND, give them love and support. and long live metal!!! not live like every other one on here, its a slide show sorry, there no official music video (there should be) note: not my song all rights still reserved by Tarot and its record label : Nuclear Blast Records

25 réponses à Tarot – Crows Fly Black

  • Lightbringer1234 dit :

    well said

  • Modrogh dit :

    All you can do is Love this shit. Goddamned I fell instantly in love!

  • hunter052592 dit :

    it does? thats news

  • allthesametakemeaway dit :

    yes, it does

    many pioneers in sub genres of metal drew influence from punk and hardcore punk

    like grindgcore, speed metal, thrash, etc.

  • 1AzureSky dit :

    Pure grindcore is a genre of punk, not metal. There just happen to be a lot of grind bands that include elements of death metal in their sound.

  • hellsing700 dit :

    long live TAROT

  • LordiFaaaaan1993 dit :

    nightwish is better

  • dumbcow1 dit :

    you understand… Marco is the singer for Nightwish correct? and Northern Kings…and yep…TAROT

    why even compare it?

    i don’t mean to trash you or anything, because i LOVE Nightwish myself.

    but please, don’t come here to an amazing band like Tarot, and say something is better.
    different bands, different songs, different talents, one amazing voice.

    keep it metals-
    Da Cow

  • TelariTeri dit :

    and shouldn’t you say ‘lordi is better’, LordiFan? 🙂

    comparing is quite stupid, especially when both Nightwish and Tarot are good bands but they represent diffrent styles.

    sorry for my English.

  • LordiFaaaaan1993 dit :

    Nightwish and lordi are my favourits and I can´t say lordi is bette because lordi is hard rock 😀 I wouldn´t compare nightwish and tarot I meant mico is better with nightwish than with tarot next time I discribe my comets better 🙂

  • llamaswithattitude dit :

    You seem like a bit of a poseur, because you’re defining bands by the genre, rather than if you like it or not.
    Lordi ripped off GWAR, anyways.

  • Kilgorin10 dit :

    Wow, that was relevant. Totally relevant.

    No one cares.

  • llmetalll dit :

    Great song!

  • Phantom13137 dit :

    The styles aren’t THAT different, but still, you make a good point

    Oh, and about your english, it’s better than most native speakers so don’t sweat it.

  • DerRichter501 dit :

    I hope you know, the Song means Crows fly [U]Back[/U]!?

  • dumbcow1 dit :…its Crows Fly Black, trust me. go ask the band yourself if you are truly confused bro

  • demonespada dit :

    its black dude

  • oxbowthegreat dit :

    Both Nightwish and Tarot are great bands, Finland, stop making good music. (that makes, Sonata Arctica, Nightwish, Children of Bodom, Lordi and Tarot now)

  • Papilijotti dit :

    I really love Tarot. Definitely my favorite bands. It’s old and its rock! « Newest » Tarot (Crows Fly Black and Gravity Of Light) is little bit more melodic, but still I like it. Good song and good feeling.

  • dumbcow1 dit :

    @Papilijotti I got Gravit of Light already, its fantastic IMO

  • Helzagore dit :

    All bands appeal to some group of people. I think that tarots music is just amazing and fulfilling, its always a joy to start a day by hitting Pyre of gods or this rolling and get going.

  • Kakriainen dit :

    @DerRichter501 Why so many idiots think it’s « back »? The name of the song and the whole record is Crows Fly BLACK.

  • cyanide97 dit :

    great voice ! keep on Marko! \m/

  • svenakin777 dit :

    2:34 metal-madness^^
    i could imagine that the vikings looked like that in battle

  • WatcherOnTheWall dit :

    @Rosie1700 I would thumbs it up, but right now it has 69 thumbs and i think that is great. 😛

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