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25 réponses à Tarot Card Reader Tricks Girls Into Sex

  • PsychicsRFrauds dit :

    tarot was made for card games, not for divination

  • funnypig12 dit :


  • PsychicsRFrauds dit :

    Tarot is for card games!!!!!!!
    Ronald McGODAMNDonald Beeeeeeyaaaaaaaachh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shadowp03 dit :

    its not what it was made for has evolved, many things start out for certain things and end up for other things some times for the good or some times not. i may have be made for card games but anything can be used if differnet ways. the cards them selfs are not tell the fortune its the person conneting with the diven they are simply a tool. and as for that guy he a sick mother fucker

  • tarot4games dit :

    Tarot was made for card games not for divination

  • tarot4games dit :

    What you call evolving was not a natural progression but outside interference.
    Occult tarot is founded on lies about the origin of the cards and occultists have indocrinated most people into believing their fictions.

  • Shadowp03 dit :

    every thing is natural thats my belive if it was not ment to be it wouldnt be. everything has a meaning weather it be to help one person then dissapear or to help one person so that the person can help another. tarot may have been a game but it might not have be ment to stay a game.

  • tarot4games dit :

    Tarot never stopped being a game. There are regional card games today played with tarot cards.

  • RonaldMcTarot dit :

    ran ran ru
    tarot was made for card games not for divination
    ran ran ru

  • Mariahandmsshardy dit :

    What the hell? Show the dumb girl who was tricked!

  • Tarockspieler dit :

    Tarot was made for card games, not for divination!

  • tarot4games dit :

    tarot was made for card games not for divination! ran ran ru ran ran ru ran ran ruuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!XD

  • BrittPhillips dit :

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  • sexyfroggy23 dit :

    cough cough.. pig cough cough oh sorry was that the truth slipping out of me??

  • PsychicsRFrauds dit :

    tarot was made for card games not for divination

  • EdgarDirby dit :

    Number 8 is in the ear, right?

  • angelsofcreations dit :

    Basically this guy is a sexual predator – manipulative, cunning, crafty and a piece of shit. Sorry for cursing…

  • Jaedowg dit :

    What the FRAGGLE?

    What kind of sick, twisted SICKO takes time out of their schedule to do this?!?!

    EdgarDirby, ur comment is lol. 

  • VideosOfWilliam100 dit :

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  • burgress81 dit :

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  • ReinGatto1 dit :

    How was the guy caught?

  • meherune dit :

    « What the FRAGGLE? » I absolutely LOVE this comment!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  • jacksonmpa dit :

    « Now if you’re telling a 23 year old girl… » WHAT!?!

    Enter priest and God-fearing 23 year old woman scared shitless of Hell. Priest opens cassock to reveal salvation. « Heh heh heh….. gets them every time. »

  • PirateKing1256 dit :

    Tarot card reader :…god
    Girl: What’s wrong? (Looking really scared and anxious)
    Tarot card reader : Inorder to have good fortune you need to have sex with me!
    Girl 🙁 Think of it for a month and came back) Let’s get this over with.
    Tarot card reader : (Fucking her mouth like there’s no tomorrow)
    Girl : (Im glab this is over!)
    Tarot card reader : , you need to have the real sex with me to have lifetime subscription to good luck.
    Girl : LET’S GET THIS OVER WITH~! (Ah..ah…ah…ah)

  • katiekawaii dit :


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