Throughout history, people use all kinds of aids to ‘see’ into the future or to ‘see’ relationships. Various systems evolved for doing this. One of the more useful systems for visualizing relationships and events is to use Tarot cards. This is thanks to the over-arcing details that can be turned into visual aids. Love and hate, life and death, wealth and poverty, power and weakness. Of course, the cards are not magical, it is the mental process that is so wonderful. The human brain lights up was it contemplates pictures and we strive to see connections between things that are visual for humans are very visual creatures who see color as vividly as birds or bees [heh] except we can’t see ultraviolet like the bees…. Every once and a while, I do Tarot card readings for my own edification. It is a springboard. Tonight, I did a reading concerning Obama. It was most amusing to have the 2 of pentacles show up as his defining card. Ie: Change.

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