Because Jate was always Fate! This tribute is for all those who believed in this ship and never gave up! I`ve been a Jater for the past 6 years and the finale gave beautiful closure ! First heard this gorgeous piece of music ‘ Clair Voyance’ by ‘Two Steps from Hell’ in gracefulangel`s breathtaking video! Thanks Tara! 🙂 The term clairvoyance comes from 17th century French with ‘clair’ meaning clear and ‘voyance’ meaning vision which I think is a lovely coincidence 😉 Enjoy! Comments are appreciated 🙂

25 réponses à LOST – Jack/Kate (Jate) ‘Clair Voyant’

  • veryval dit :

    @koniczynkaL : OMG I so agree with you Leta! I HATED Kate and Sawyer and that pissed me off too! This ending made me so happy and gave me closure :’)
    Thanks for the beautiful words! *hugs tight*

  • veryval dit :

    @mrsdarcy27 : You`re a Skate fan mrsdarcy? LOL I never would have guessed ! hee hee! Thanks for watching, faving and sharing despite that ;D It means so much to me!
    Yes this music was featured in the Bright Star trailer I think 😉

  • veryval dit :

    @MysteryEmillia : Thanks dear!!!!! 😀

  • veryval dit :

    @skanami2010 : Thank you for your lovely comment! I`m glad you enjoyed it! Jate is Fate 🙂

  • veryval dit :

    @FairyKingdom86 : LOL I was very happy that they introduced Suliet too but Jate were always meant to be ;’) Thanks so much FK! *hugs* 😀

  • veryval dit :

    @breezelda : Thank you so much! I`m glad 😀

  • luv4unc53 dit :

    omg I cant get enough of these 2

  • GHJasamfan dit :

    Oh, Val, this vid is so beautiful!! Amazing, effective, impeccable use of voiceover….so moving!! Song, editing….brilliant!! exquisite vid!!!

  • longbourne2 dit :

    Wow! amazingly well done !! i love it ! /S

  • IWYVideo dit :

    Holy crap. This totally choked me up, Val! Beautiful job!

  • veryval dit :

    @luv4unc53 : I know! They are so perfect 🙂

  • veryval dit :

    @GHJasamfan : Aw thanks GHJ!!!! You`re always so kind! *hugs and flowers*

  • veryval dit :

    @longbourne2 : Thank you sweety! I`m so glad !:D

  • veryval dit :

    @IWYVideo : Aw thanks so much dear!!!!!! I`m so glad you liked it! *hugs*

  • mrsdarcy27 dit :

    @veryval lol!! Let’s just say I’m a Josh Holloway fan so I was content with him and Juliet… I suppose!! :/ …. 😀

  • veryval dit :

    @mrsdarcy27 : Oh i`ve always loved Josh too! (He is HAWT 😉 but yeah couple wise – Jate and Suliet are my ships hee hee

  • Spelthi dit :

    amazing ;D

  • RandHrShipper1 dit :

    Oh, you had tears in my eyes with this, Val! I LOVE these two (and this show, of course!) and you just paid them a wonderful tribute. Thumbs up FOR SURE! 🙂

  • mwsjunior dit :

    Very nice! I like the music, very ethereal, love the smooth transitions! Great job!

  • veryval dit :

    @Spelthi : Thanks 😀

  • veryval dit :

    @RandHrShipper1 : Aw *hugs* Thanks Rachel sweety! It means so much! So glad you found it a fitting tribute :’)

  • veryval dit :

    @mwsjunior : Thanks Elion! I`m so glad you like it! 😀 *hugs*

  • dolcegabbanaforever dit :

    Great vid!
    Georgina 🙂

  • ForeverLost108 dit :

    I was always rooting for Sawyer and Kate, and than came season 5. Sawyer and Juliet where so cute and touching together.

    For me Kate is definitely the best Female character on TV. I know, a lot of people will disagree on that, but the girl was perfect in her imperfection. In the end, she was mend to be with Jack. And what an end!

  • darklatinflavor dit :

    The way they look at each other…. sigh!

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