March 10, 2008. Books consulted for this reading: The Tarot by Joseph Maxwell The Enchanted Tarot by Amy Zerner & Monte Farber A Pictorial Key to the Tarot by Arthur Edward Waite

22 réponses à A Tarot Reading for selena4ever04

  • mysticaltreasurebox dit :

    I have watched several of your videos. This was well done. I liked how you posted the various cards with their meanings

  • witchescabon dit :

    i love your soft voice, it realy helps feel the reading more more!

  • earthshakingfart dit :

    9 of pentacles, what about the 12 of toilets?.,>

  • ranzelganzon dit :

    hi selena, it looks like you just did an interpretation of the cards but you didn’t weave the meaning of these cards to create one story. I was waiting for you to give an overall interpretation but there was none.

  • longloudfart dit :

    this is outstanding

  • superstar020 dit :

    This is soothing and fun to watch. Great job 🙂 Also my condolences to Selena.

  • sailorchibimoon1665 dit :

    I feel sorry about Selena’s mother! =(

  • CosmicNoodleDancer dit :

    Wow! You have ~amazing, loving energy and personality!

  • HearthCricket dit :

    I love your calm soothing voice. Comforting. Great reading!

  • NeskaBean dit :

    Yes – I agree! I find that many of us who practice divination have healing powers inherent in our voices. Hers is wonderful!

  • mytarotspread dit :

    free tarot readings! visit my youtube channel!

  • dkopfler dit :

    I would like a reading please.

  • jbabe514 dit :

    para sora toros mejha bar me andj soda loaks dhuia snjdpa

  • AwesomeDantheMan dit :

    This was my first video on this Tarot stuff. I was wondering if you would happen to know what I have written in my chart . i mean what I came here on earth to do. Like what career I came to do. No one can answer this question for me. Please, if you can, could you find this out for me. ill be eternally grateful if you could. Thankyou so much.

  • parsleysprigs dit :

    @owainmeurig how is she mentally ill. the fact that your channel is not available makes me believe you were banned for some reason.

  • owainmeurig dit :

    @parsleysprigs Have you seen her video? she thinks she can see the future, if you still think she’s sane you have a problem.

  • parsleysprigs dit :

    @owainmeurig I think your a dick she seem nice to me. And your arrogant answer doesn’t prove or acknowledge anything as to why she’s mentally ill. So what she tries to see into the future, is that a crime. What should be a crime is people like you running around pretending to be a doctor. And she never said she could see the future. Tarot is no more harmful than a horoscope reading, you can take it or leave it. So what’s your diagnoses doctor, That she has a hobby that makes her happy.

  • parsleysprigs dit :

    @owainmeurig I bet you just blocked everyone because you talk so much shit your channel gets covered in hate mail.

  • owainmeurig dit :

    @parsleysprigs Your right I shouldn’t have said she has a mental illness, but I do think it’s a crime to claim you can see the future, maybe you know it’s fake but many people waist their lives and money listening to fortune tellers and psychics, there are plenty of hobbies that don’t have a negative effect on society.I don’t believe i’m banned but I do actively campaign against bad people who no doubt complain.

  • earthshakingfart dit :

    Don’t look now, but someone just paid their bill at the Maui Hilton !!!!!

  • redlinereader dit :

    could you do one for me Hayley Hughes

  • Faithstormbow dit :

    hi nineofpentacles
    can i ask for a reading it be so amazing im going to subscribe your chanel

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