Beginner Tarot Reading

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  • cloaknpoke dit :

    Tarot can be very useful for looking inside yourself in introspect.

  • crystalrain2k6 dit :

    Do you do cosmic ordering?? If you do im willing to pay for the service.Im trying to find some one to do if for my self but im having trouble finding some one.

  • MissWatzHerName1 dit :

    Your video is easy to watch unlike toher videos, i really like it plus it is informative 😉

  • TheNintyPlayer dit :

    My first deck was Roots of Asia, but the 5 of wands disappeared somehow.
    So I bought a Rider deck.
    I almost understand the entire deck, it really speaks to me.

  • grandmastatus dit :

    I love doing tarot readings, I do the daily reading and do readings at least once a week both for myself and close family. And I still consider myself a beginner: it is a difficult thing, with all the different meanings possible! I’ve owned tarot cards for 8 years, really actively practiced for about a year and I still have difficulty bringing all the cards together most of the time. i bought joan bunning’s book Learning the Tarot and it’s helped a GREAT deal. She also has all the lessons online

  • babygurlj89 dit :

    I am a beginner tarot too…

  • Altaira55 dit :

    Eeeek! Please don’t shuffle those precious cards like that.
    You’re not playing Poker,lol. Please treat them gently or they will spoil in no time.

  • Mydarkabode666 dit :

    I love this vid…Blessed be to you too. 😀

  • flyinghotwing dit :

    @Altaira55 that is what i also noticed, this type of shuffling is NOT recommended, unless your playing poker or table games!

  • flyinghotwing dit :

    I do tarot « tele-conferences » via Skype. Anyone interested in a freebie just to check it out, please contact me, we can go from there.

  • flyinghotwing dit :

    @livup2life earth is terrestrial taurus fixed earth…….to the left of fire, creative Leo, in the celestial realm above Leo is Aquarius, Swords, mental……….then to complete the rectangle you have water, scorpio, emotion…celestial love connection..and so on.

  • Slicc7 dit :

    I got The Chariot once, and it totally helped me realize my « path » better.

  • gill834 dit :

    reading from a book you are taking some one elses view of the card the simplest way is just listen to what spirit tell you.

  • svehex dit :

    Love the elemental spread. Think I might use that in stead of a three card spread for those kinds of questions. I primarily use runes, but I’m getting back to Tarot. Picking a card a day since I got my new deck to get some notes on the meanings.

  • joxergirl dit :

    @CharmingPixieFlora I agree! I have a deck that I use and am very comfortable with and feel it provides me insight…where if I attempt to try another I feel like i am cheating on my own deck..that sounds silly but I just cannot get anything out of the others lol

  • twoyogurtpretzels dit :

    hahaha i love the dog in the background at 4:20, he’s adorable:)

  • camlenoir16 dit :

    I find Tarot easier than rune reading, but everyone is different 🙂
    I am currently using the Universal Grand Trumps Tarot which I have fallen in love with immediately. I highly recommend the Universal Grand Trumps to any beginner. It is used by experts and beginners alike.

  • parsleysprigs dit :

    @twoyogurtpretzels there’s a cat behind her too.

  • davidcirce dit :

    For beginners I would recommend the white rider also (it’s like a comic). First, feel what it « indicates » to you, work with that for a while, then choose a basic meaning (ex. Moon = doubts) and practice with it (yes, just 1 meaning) for a while. Then begin to read the book and introduce more meanings. that’s a great way to begin. It worked for me.

  • DiGiCharat9990 dit :

    What happened to plain old Uno

  • KyleRayKeith dit :

    @livup2life In Golden Dawn Magic indeed it is to the North With Exception to its placement on the BRH. With Earth being in Direction of South…But as the Hot lady on the Video says one can find their own path..

  • KyleRayKeith dit :

    @DiGiCharat9990 lol..actually Tarot has been Around Since Egypt golden years if not then it is still way older than the Game of Uno, WAY older…..unless you are speaking of the Monad in Spanish language. then you got me and touche..

  • TuahShinguru dit :

    Hm… I feel like making my own tarot deck. Too bad I’m a bad artist.

    Maybe I’ll generate my pictures from 3D stuff. I’m not too bad with that.

  • WaterUniverse dit :

    thanks I am your fan from Thailand. :0)

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